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Food truck menu

If you’re in Johannesburg then make your way to our food truck – delicious, high-quality good and a fun, relaxed atmosphere. There are many reasons why food trucks are awesome (and even better than restaurants sometimes)! Food trucks have become hugely popular over the last few years. The phenomenon started in the US, and quickly spread to South Africa. South African’s were quick to jump on this exciting, delicious trend – and it is no surprise why!

Food trucks are affordable, and offer high-quality food, and are a welcome change from the fast-food chains and overpriced sit-down restaurants. Here are a few reasons why we think food trucks are awesome!

The food is delicious

Number one on the list – and the most important – is that the food is great! Food truck owners are often chefs who don’t want to deal with hassle and expense of a ‘brick and mortar’ restaurant. The chef doesn’t have to spend a lot of time focusing on running the business and managing staff, as with a restaurant. In comparison, a food truck usually consist of the chef and one or two employees. In a truck, the chef only has to worry about making delicious food for you to enjoy.

A unique factor of food trucks is that they specialise in one particular meal, or type of cuisine. From gourmet burgers, to trendy tacos, to spicy bunny chows, you will find that food trucks in Johannesburg tend to stick to just one thing. This means the chef focuses only on mastering that one meal/cuisine, and you can be sure that it will be one of the best you have ever tasted!

With only providing one type of meal, food truck chefs can afford to buy the best ingredients, as well as offer a larger variety of add-ons and toppings. Each food truck is unique – you might come across a few trucks that offer burgers, but each food truck will make them differently in their own special way. Your taste buds can go wild with all the variety available!

Food trucks in Johannesburg are affordable

Without the expensive overheads of a restaurants, food trucks can pass on those savings to you! You will find food trucks in Johannesburg serve up high quality food for much less than it would cost in a restaurant.

There is a community spirit and relaxed atmosphere

Hanging out at a food truck, waiting for your food, it is easy to strike up a conversation with fellow patrons, and even the food truck owner. There is something about the vibe at a food truck that is relaxed and encourages conversation. Food trucks tend to develop loyal followings, with patrons following them to different spots or events. This also adds to the community spirit.

Food trucks are more convenient

Just because you’re on the go, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a great meal! Whether you need to grab lunch on your break, or a quick snack while browsing a festival, food trucks are a fast, convenient option. They are often just as a quick as a fast food option (but taste so much better)! There is no chance of getting ‘hangry’ when there is a food truck around.

Supporting the ‘little guy’

By spending your money at a food truck, you know your money is going straight to the food truck owner. And you know that the owner is going to spend money on fresh, quality ingredients. This is much better than heading into a fast food chain, spending money on lower-quality food, and knowing your money goes to ‘big corporate’.

There are so many excellent reasons to try out a food truck in Johannesburg – but don’t take our word for it. Check out our calendar to see where we will be next and come visit us. We guarantee after trying us out, you will be back for more!